Polar opposites.

On Friday last week, Fox News Online posted two articles about two young women who have, over the course of the last couple of years, received almost immeasurable media exposure.  Both are hugely popular entertainment figures, and it could be safely argued that both are exerting influence on young women and girls, literally around the globe.  One claims to be a role model for young girls and by inference, I think she assumes that she is a “good” one.  I am not sure the other really claims the role model title, but I think it safe to say, given the hysteria surrounding the concert tour she is on, that it would be properly assigned.

Which would you choose as a role model for your daughter, grand daughter, sister, cousin, niece?  It could be that you would say neither.  But if these were your ONLY choices, which would you pick? 

I’m thinking this will not be a hard decision, but maybe I’m wrong. 

Here are your options:  A or B.


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