Hey “Big D”, you might want to take another look at your laws!

Fox News and the Dallas Morning News are reporting that a strip club in Dallas hired a 12 year old girl to dance nude over a two week period late last year.  In January of this year, a 17 year old girl was also found to be employed by the club.  However, Dallas city ordinances, as they are currently written, do not allow officials to revoke the sexually oriented business license of the club.

WHAT!  The sexual exploitation of a minor, no, make that two minors, is not sufficient violation of SOME law to justify the revocation of their license to operate the club? 

I suppose that it is perfectly understandable that some circumstance will be overlooked when it comes to the writing of city ordinances, thus creating loop holes.  But would it not seem that the employment of a minor in a sexually oriented business would be a pretty obvious no-no that should have been included as a cause for closing such a business?  I wonder when the next City Counsel meeting will be held in Dallas?  That might be a good time for them to go immediately into Executive Session, and get this problem fixed.  And while they are at it, it might be useful to question the judgment of whoever was responsible for the creation of the current ordinance that failed so miserably to protect a sixth grader from this exploitation.


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