A dress code?

Thankfully the news has cycled enough that the scandal surrounding former NY governor Eliot Spitzer has quieted although last night it was reported that he may have been linked to a second call girl network.  Nevertheless, The passage of time will get most of the credit, but to some degree, it has also been superseded by the admissions of infidelity and drug use by Spitzer’s successor and his wife, and more recently by Tuesday’s indictment of the mayor of Detroit.

Without trying to add to the piling on, I could not help but be intrigued by the similarities in the clothes that were chosen by Spitzer and his wife when compared with the attire a few years ago when then New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey resigned, admitting to having had a sexual relationship with a male employee while he was in office.

As a former executive, I always knew that a dark suit, plain white shirt, and conservative tie were appropriate for any business situation.  Now it would appear that there is perhaps a specific “look” for both the gentleman and lady for those awkward occasions when one must make a public confession of moral failure.


HT: my Dad for the photo


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