Holy Week – Saturday

The scriptures don’t have much to say about exactly what was going on during the day following Jesus’ death.  However, we do know that it was the Sabbath (Luke 23: 50-56), so no work was allowed.  But according to Matthew’s gospel, (27: 62-66) we know that the chief priests were worried about people coming to steal Jesus’ body to claim He had been raised, so they asked Pilate to post a guard, which he allowed.

We could speculate on what the disciples were doing, but my best guess is that it was a mix of cowering in fear, combined with reconciliation of the shock of what they had seen and heard the day before along with a potent amount of pure grief.  And perhaps some lingering anguish over their own conduct.

However, I contend that at a soul level, Christ was at work, and for this day, I will simply link back to an article I wrote earlier this year on my contention that Christ descended into hell.


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