Holy Week – Good Friday

The images in this video speak a thousand words.  And yet as graphic as they might be, they seem somehow more gentle than the balance of the movie from which they were taken.  

If you have never seen The Passion of the Christ, you owe it to your self and your soul to watch it.  This video does not even begin to capture the intensity of the movie, nor does the movie capture the real life intensity of the events that took place on “Good” Friday.  But it does serve to bringing to the front of our minds the awfulness of that day, when OUR sins were atoned for by an innocent man.  And they should serve to replace the secular hues of spring with their pastel pinks and sky blues to the more blunt reality of the crimson red of the blood that was shed and the blackened sky, when for 3 hours the sun did not shine (Luke 23: 43, 45).

One of my favorite parts of the movie that falls in the category of extra-biblical creativity included by Mel Gibson, is shown in the final seconds of this video.  But the symbolism and effect of that tear that fell from heaven is more completely developed in the movie, not in this short clip.  Get the movie and watch it, or if you have it, watch it again.  Good Friday will take on a depth and gravity that it may never have had before.


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