Holy Week – Palm Sunday

In church this morning, the sermon text was Mark chapter 11.  On the day of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, part of the preparations included the securing of a donkey colt upon which Jesus would ride.  Instructions were given to the disciples about where they could find the donkey and the explanation they were to give if anyone should question why they were taking a donkey that did not belong to them.  That answer was, “The Lord has need of it…”

“The Lord has need of it.”  Our pastor was quick to remind that by the very nature of God, He has no NEED for anything in the sense that we use the word need suggesting a lack of something, or dependence.  Perhaps a better way of thinking about this is simply that the Lord would like to use the donkey, and in fact, scripture is clear that it would be returned.

The Lord does not, in an absolute sense, NEED us to accomplish His objectives for this world.  But the Lord would like to use us!

As I studied this verse during the sermon, I could not help but take the metaphor from this account of the Triumphal Entry even further in application for me personally.  The Lord didn’t literally need, but rather, wanted to use the donkey.  The Lord doesn’t need, but wants to use me.  And carrying that metaphor to its conclusion, He wants to use even an ass like me.  And the truth is, I am one from time to time.

Thanks be to God that he uses imperfect, broken vessels, not out of a desperate NEED, but out of a want-to.  A want-to that ultimately is a demonstration of His sovereignty and glory.


One Response to Holy Week – Palm Sunday

  1. brandon says:

    Amen. Amen.

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