In a shocking development on Monday, it was announced that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer had been involved in some way with a prostitution ring in Washington D.C.  Shocking in part because Spitzer was formerly a prosecutor who prided himself in breaking up prostitution rings in New York and for being a law and order kind of guy scouring Wall Street for any offense that could make for a high profile case.

Whenever these sorts of scandals surface, the dutiful wife always appears with the husband to put on a supportive face.  Silda Wall, (aka Mrs. Spitzer) was no exception in this case.  The fact that Spitzer or his handlers asked her to attend is, as syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer called it, “a hanging offense.”  If you could read her mind, tell us what she is thinking as she “supports” her husband in this embarrassing moment.



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  1. Leigh says:

    I don’t think I signed up for this.

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