Schadenfreude #2

I have never been a fan of Al Gore.  Certainly his loony politics are an issue for me, but beside that, he has always seemed wooden, smarmy and condescending.  Furthermore, that he claims to have created the Internet and was in part the inspiration for the 1970’s book Love Story, makes him seem somehow delusional, or at least bordering on it.  If he is overstating, or outright fabricating, on these and other matters, shame on him.  If he really believes these things…

Al Gore’s belief in Global Warming leaves me suspicious of any of the talking points he and his crowd have on the subject.  And I am unwilling to let him off the hook for the notion that WARMING is the issue, even as he and his pals try to change the conversation to “climate change.”  I have no doubt that climates change, and believe the historical data prove it.  What I am unconvinced of is that mankind is responsible for the extent of the cyclical rise in temperatures that occasions the earth from time to time.  How does one explain those rises in temperature through history when back then, so many fewer human beings inhabited the earth?  Or was it because there were that many more cows passing gas back then?

I admit that I relish the schadenfreude for old Al when reality flies in the face of his alarmist positions.  In spite of his accusations of global warming, North America is enduring one of those winters that is producing RECORD snowfall amounts through vast areas of the US and Canada.  By now, I would have assumed that certain coastal areas would be at least ankle deep in sea water from melted polar ice caps instead of huge areas of the northern plains and the northeast being shoulder deep in snow.

Persons who seem much more credible on the subject of weather dispute the idea of global warming.  This from Fox News’ website on March 4, 2008:

Weather Channel founder John Coleman is calling global warming a fraud and says the station he founded needs to stop telling people what to think about climate change. The Business and Media Institute reports Coleman was a speaker at the Heartland Institute’s Climate Change Conference in New York. Coleman was referencing what some call the Weather Channel’s global warming alarmism.

One of its meteorologists suggested two years ago that weathercasters who have doubts about global warming should lose their certification.  Coleman advocates suing people who sell carbon credits — including Al Gore — because the attention in the courts could, in his words, “put some light on the fraud of global warming.”

And this video from the Heartland Institute:

So, polish the Oscar, count your million dollar Nobel Prize award and put another log on the fire, Al.  Its cold outside!  Oh, by the way, I love your rendition of Summer Lovin’.


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