Reality TV, or Really Sick TV

Last night for the first time, I watched the Fox Broadcast show The Moment of Truth.  I am glad that I did so, but only for the reason of being informed about this perverse program.  Much has been made of show through promo pieces, and also on the Fox News Channel.  The frequency of those mentions on Fox News seems to have ramped up in the last couple of weeks, following the broadcast of the program featured in the YouTube clip below, which was produced and released to YouTube by Fox.  The episode I watched last night was not the one in the clip, but it was certainly in the same genre of excruciating TV.

The Moment of Truth and its apparent cultural popularity seems to be a fantastic melding of viewer voyeurism and contestant exhibitionism combined with stupidity motivated by greed.  The production of the show requires that contestants answer the unbelievably personal questions while attached to a polygraph machine.  This lie-detector interview is conducted well in advance of the actual studio taping of each episode, so as to allow producers to script for maximum shock.  Anyone who actually agrees to continue beyond those pre-production interviews to the actual taping of the show has apparently been rendered shameless by the possibly of winning $500k.  And I stand by that opinion in spite of the contestant’s comment to the contrary in the clip.

Answering questions such the ones in this clip, or the ones I saw last night, used to be done in the confines of counseling with mental health professionals or the clergy.  Now, they are uttered on TV for millions to watch for the sake of entertainment and profit.

If there is any hope that I can find in this clip, it is this.  Lauren Cleary answers “yes” to a variety of over-the-top indiscretions (unrighteousness), but thinks consciously that she is basically a “good person.”  Her heart and the polygraph machine know differently.  Perhaps she will come to a conscious agreement with the truth in due course. 

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