A great “exit” song

I have previously posted about my appreciation for the television show American Idol.  Season 7 is now in full swing, and this year is as good as any of the last few seasons that I watched.

Last week, it was announced that Ruben Studdard had recorded an “exit” song that would debut soon.  I suppose that song will be used when Idol gets down to the final 12 contestants as only one person per week is shown the door.  In the meantime, they are using the song Best Days by Graham Colton, as they show pares down the contestants four at a time. 

I am not a huge consumer of contemporary pop music, but they did a great job in the selection of this song.  The lyrics are wonderfully suited for the send-off of the contestants.  Here is an acoustic version of the song.

And here’s a link to the music video that has the studio recorded version of the song, which is the one used on Idol.

Graham Colton is a native of Oklahoma City, and was “discovered” by the lead singer of Counting Crows.  Colton was, at the time, a student at Southern Methodist University, the alma mater of yours truly.  He had been playing in bars and clubs in Dallas while in school.  I may be a fellow alumnus of some of those “institutions” also, who knows.  Fortunately, Colton has gone on to achieve fame with this song and his album, as had he not (apart from the fine education he received at SMU), he might have been known more widely as having been romantically associated with Kelly Clarkson, with whom he toured for several months.


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