He’s already off to a great start!

Charles Barkley has for years indicated his interest in being the Governor of Alabama.  Back on February 15, he declared his definitive plans to run for that office.  Implicitly, he also announced at least two of the probable planks in his campaign platform.  And he clearly lays out the gauntlet for anyone who is politically “right of center”, when he states his opinion of conservatives.

What do you think?  Does he have a chance?  He’s got 6 years to climb out of the hole he digs for himself in this interview.  Of course, with his big mouth, he also has time to dig that hole even deeper.

Barkley uses too broad a brush in painting all conservatives or all Republicans.  However, as much as I think this guy should have retreated to the recliner to watch basketball rather than comment on it, and that he has no business being the chief executive of a state, he does stumble into making a point that conservatives and Christians ought to consider.  While we have every right to be opposed to gay and lesbian marriages and the murder of unborn children, do our actions and our rhetoric sometimes leave our observers and hearers with the (perhaps correct) impression that we are hypocritically judgmental?  Something to ponder.


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