Ready to call her ‘First Lady’?

In her own words, Michelle Obama is just now, for the first time in her adult lifetime, proud of her country!  No parsing, no innuendo, no interpretation.  She said it!  A startling admission.  And an alarming reflection of her hatred for the United States, and evidence of an even further left-leaning predisposition than I had originally suspected. 

These comments are amazing coming from a woman who has, in the context of her “adult lifetime,” witnessed the compassion of an entire nation to help those affected by the terrorist attacks of 2001.  Who, if she was looking, has seen the generosity of both our people and our military in its aid to tsunami victims in the South Pacific.  This is a woman who personally had the privilege of getting an undergraduate college education from Princeton University, and subsequently a law degree from Harvard University, neither of which could even be imagined in certain parts of this world, where the brave men and women in the armed forces of the United States have liberated women from unspeakable oppression.  Michelle Obama, in her own words, is not proud of that.  Nor evidently is she proud of the advancements of other women and African Americans and African American women.  She need look no further than the women and blacks and black women who have served in the current administration, in the event her memory does not extend beyond the last 7 years of her adult lifetime.  Oh, but wait, those blacks, women and black women are just “sell-outs” I guess.

Since up until now, Michelle Obama has not been proud of her country, an accurate restatement of her comments would be she was ashamed of her country.  Would the adjectives ignorant and ungrateful perhaps apply to Mrs. Obama?

First Lady of the United States?  I don’t think so.  At least I hope not.

One Response to Ready to call her ‘First Lady’?

  1. […] the satire is obvious and can be comprehended.  It is established truth that Michelle Obama has spoken about her lack of pride in her country.  Were her comments taken out of context?  In spite of […]

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