Nooma – without the nuance

Those who know me are familiar with my skepticism and in some cases outright criticism of certain aspects of the Emergent Church Movement.  (NOTE: I said Emergent, not simply emerging as that is something related, but decidedly different)  Additionally, readers of this site may have seen my comments regarding Emergent Village leaders Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones.  And in my role as “pastor” to the college-aged staff at the youth camp that I serve on the board of, I have taught about the diminished view of scripture and the dismissal of orthodox doctrine that seems to characterize much of the teaching that is present in the Emergent churches.  And until they provide evidence to the contrary, I will remain skeptical of their authenticity and caution against anything other than a critical engagement with their fellowships.

I have also written about Rob Bell.  Bell is a pastor in Michigan, who claims no specific affiliation with Emergent Village.  But theologically, his “non-member” status is a distinction without a difference.  He preaches much the same message, which I will call a “partial Gospel.”  Bell has become well known outside the Emergent circles through his Nooma video series.  I have also written a less than complimentary article about one particular Nooma video titled Bullhorn.

Greg Gilbert, who is director of research for Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY, has written three articles on the subject of Rob Bell’s Nooma videos.  Gilbert’s articles are thoughtful assessments of Nooma and well worth the time spent reading, particularly if you have any contact with the audience to whom these videos are aimed.  Use the links below to Greg’s articles.  Be informed!

The Scoop’a on Nooma

Part 1          Part 2          Part 3



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