Important health finding, just in time for your Super Bowl party.


Undergraduate students in a microbiology class at Clemson University have concluded, scientifically, what every thoughtful person ought to have known intuitively…”DOUBLE DIPPING” is NASTY!  This important finding comes just in time for Super Bowl party hosts and hostesses to admonish their guests (ooh, and maybe themselves?) that double dipping the salsa and french onion dip is a major no-no!

The Clemson students concluded that double dipping between 3 and 6 times transfers approximately 10,000 bacteria from the double dipper’s mouth to the dip.  Sounds yummy doesn’t it?  Double dipping is sort of a non-physical and non-consensual way of kissing everyone at the party, and not just a peck on the cheek, either.  And without consideration to gender.  Now there is a word picture for you.  Yuck!

Con queso anyone?


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