Happy birthday Legos!

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Legos plastic building blocks.  Legos A/S is the Danish company that makes Legos.  The current company’s predecessor was founded in 1932 as a wooden toy maker.  They invented and patented the plastic blocs in 1958.  Since that time, they have made over 400 billion of the blocks.  To commemorate the anniversary, one of the earliest sets called Town Plan, which had 1,000 pieces has been reintroduced. Legos A/V was regarded as THE most respected and trusted company in the world, in a survey done in the middle of 2007 by a NYC based research company, the Reputation Institute.

To recognize the 50th birthday of the toys, Google spelled out their name on their search engine pages using the familiar blocks.


The name Lego comes from the first letters of the Danish words “leg godt” which  translates into English as “play good”.  I don’t know if this was intended to be a description of the quality of the product, or an admonition to the kids (and sometimes adults…I played with my kid’s Legos) about their conduct.  At any rate, they really are a timeless toy and when compared with some of the other horrid forms of amusement that even young children are provided, Legos A/V should be commended for their ingenuity and their commitment to the continued marketing and production of this line of toys.


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