Warning – video is indescribably graphic…and heartbreaking!

Today, January 22nd, is the 35th anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling, known as “Roe v. Wade.”  The numbers of children killed at the hands of abortion practitioners is staggering when you take the time to really contemplate it.  46,000,000 since 1973!  More than double the current population of the state of Texas.  And that figure is only for the United States.  Millions of unborn children are killed in other countries around the world.  The figures are probably inestimable.

The following video is graphic!  It reveals the side of abortion that those in our culture who are more highly “evolved” and tout a “woman’s right to choose” would surely like to dismiss.  For if they are indifferent to these images, they are truly more evil than can be imagined.  For each Supreme Court-granted “right” that is exercised, a God-given life is extinguished.

Another warning…the image you see now, is representative of what is shown in this video entitled  “This is Abortion”

The only consolation we have, is that each of these millions of souls are in the hands of a merciful and sovereign God.  But what to do about those who survived the abortion…the women who were present at the time that a life was terminated and the men who knowingly or unknowingly had a son or daughter taken from them in the “exercise of a right”?  The most obvious is prayer for those who remain unrepentant about this tragedy, that they might see their sin and seek God’s forgiveness.  For those who have already repented, we should pray for the continued healing of this self-inflicted wound.  For those who are contemplating abortion, that they would reconsider, choose life and avoid the first-hand experience revealed in the images of this video.

HT:  Justin Taylor for the video. 


2 Responses to Warning – video is indescribably graphic…and heartbreaking!

  1. Brandon says:

    Yeah…that video is sobering. I imagine for a lot of people, the posting of this video would make them mad. Heck, it may even make many pro-lifers cringe. “Really Chuck, do we need to go there?” To which I would answer, “Yes.” If people are going to argue for the right to murder babies, they need to be confronted with reality…and part of that is images. It’s easy to explain things away with words until you are confronted by the sick reality of what actually happens. Some may call it building a “straw-man” against pro-choicers, but it’s not. It’s sort of like the difference between reading a story on CNN.com about a murder, versus being the cop who found the body and gags over the sight. That cop understands the evil of it much more than the man reading the story.

    I heard a woman’s email read on NPR yesterday, adamantly claiming that abortion was the right choice for her and that it is not immoral whatsoever. She was a law student. It hurt to hear her boast so much in her sin, and to hear her counsel others to “be ok” with their choice. Truly, we cannot even think rightly apart from the Holy Spirit.

    thanks for not being ashamed about where you stand.


  2. Chuck says:

    Brandon: As always, you add a great perspective. Your analogy of the cop discovering a murder versus the reader of an article about the same crime, is great.

    Something that I find revolting is that EVERY Democrat candidate for the presidency in 2008 and at least one Republican are supportive of the butchery revealed in this video. Shame on them!

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