The times, they are a’changin’ (and not for the better)

Dr Albert Mohler has an article today on his blog that is well worth reading.  It is based on projections that go out to the year 2017 and deal with higher education.  Even for those disinterested in statistics, the issues that Dr. Mohler deals with are, at the very least, interesting, and more importantly a cause for serious concern. 

As you read the article, please note that I would NEVER suggest that women should revert to acceptance of the educational end-point of their grandmothers’ generation.  There can be little question that our society and our culture is far better off because both genders are educated.  Rather, what I would suggest is that MEN need to pull up their big boy pants and get an education!  I wonder if the cultural reality that is revealed in Mohler’s article is not further evidence of the emasculation of men in our culture.  But even if that is the case, men need to take responsibility and get on with it!

Read the article by clicking here.

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