Warning – video contains…well, mostly gibberish

Tom Cruise is one strange guy, but that pronouncement is not news.  His couch jumping on Oprah a couple of years ago and his out-of-control laughter on Letterman are indications of his peculiarity.  His membership in the Church of Scientology has been the source of lots of discussion recently, and it, along with his weird behavior, has apparently had a decided impact on Cruise’s box office receipts.  MI3 failed in comparison to the first two installments.    Now, a new unauthorized biography written by Andrew Morton, a biographer of the “Royals” that is to be out soon, is stirring up lots of controversy. 

But a recently circulated video, which the CoS is trying to quash, is really displaying Tom in a way that only Scientologists must be able to appreciate.  As I understand it, the video, which I have only found on the Gawker site,  is some sort of indoctrination piece and may have been shown at the time Cruise received some award from the CoS and its leader David Miscavige, who incidentally was Cruise’s best man at his marriage to Katie Holmes.  At the time of his award, Cruise saluted Miscavige in a bizarre scene.


You really should watch a little of the video.  You certainly don’t have to watch all 9+ minutes to get the gist of it.

This stuff is better than any teaching about the danger of cults!  You can see the results of membership played out right before your eyes.


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