Emergent church…how about “emergent” theater?

I routinely avoid watching the early morning “news” shows on the big three networks, but the last channel watched last night was the local ABC affiliate for the weather, so when I turned the TV on this morning, Good Morning America Weekend is what appeared.

That said, an interesting segment on Fuerzabruta was just beginning and I couldn’t help but see similarities between this reported “transformation in stage productions” and the transformation in the faith and practice of Christianity.  Those transformations are most evident in the Emergent church.  As I watched, I could imagine substituting the words scripture and doctrine for Shakespeare and musicals; and church for people who don’t like church” for theater for people who don’t like theater.”  The possible word substitutions go on and on throughout the report.

I will grant you that Fuerzabruta is first of all entertainment.  And because of its uniqueness and interactivity, I am guessing that it is “something else.”  And it probably delivers exactly what it is supposed to…ENTERTAINMENT pure and simple!  But I think it also represents the cultural shifts that are being moved along under the influence of generations X and Y. 

In the event I just lost anyone by that last comment, not ALL of those culture shifts are bad.  Technology driven culture change (of which X’ers and Y’s were early adopters), in many ways is helpful, keeping us more connected and informed.  And while there may well be nothing wrong with this new form of performing art represented by Fuerzabruta,  the same cannot be said for the reshaping of historic Christian doctrine that is present in many Emergent churches.

Use this link to ABC to watch this morning’s report on the “latest thing” in stage production.  (My apologies…the video is so new that I could not find it on YouTube, and ABC forces you to endure a 15 second commercial prior to the segment.)


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