How do you like that view now?

(I am told this is a true story.)

A Utah man, Mark Easton, had a nice unobstructed view of the mountains until a neighbor bought the property below him and built a house.  In a subdivision, that eventuality was inevitable.

However, as the new house was being built, Mark Easton found the roof was 18 inches higher than ordinances allowed.  So, Easton went to the city to request they enforce the law.  The city in turn forced the neighbor to lower the roof, albeit at a great expense.

Shortly thereafter, Easton called the city once again to complain that his new neighbor had installed louvered vents on the side of the home that he was not please with.  When the city arrived, this is what they found.  I wonder how Mark Easton feels about those 18 inches now?

You can click on the images to enlarge.


HT:  My Dad


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