Warning – video contains Emergent “conversation”

Earlier this week, I used this video as a point of reference to teach a group of college-aged students about the dangers of Emergent.  While the length and breadth of our discussion went way beyond this video, it certainly was instructive as an introduction to revealing the squishiness of their theology.

At the conclusion of the video we went back and analyzed most all of the comments made by Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt and Tony Jones.  However, there was one comment in particular made by Pagitt that really sums up not only the video, but the Emergent “conversation” itself.

At the 7:08 mark in the video, Pagitt says:

“It’s more important for us to feel like we’re representing a beautiful expression of our life with God than it is to be right about everything.”

I can’t think of a more important obligation for the leadership of a “church” than to get it right when it comes to matters of doctrine and faith.  Because if that “church” is failed by its leadership in this regard, I submit it will be impossible for its members to be a “beautiful expression of their life with God.”


2 Responses to Warning – video contains Emergent “conversation”

  1. John Fooshee says:

    That was a really helpful report.

  2. Chuck says:

    John: I agree, it is one of the best I have found on Emergent. It is a PBS production. I normally think of PBS as being pretty socially progressive and liberal-leaning, but they did a wonderful job of revealing Emergent as it is by using its three primary spokesmen. And the inclusion of Carson and even McKnight helped to make some important distinctions between it (Emergent) and historic Christianity.

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