Oops Al, you did it again.

Further to my noodling over the cold temperatures a few days ago, and how Global Warming had thankfully prevented us from virtually freezing solid, here is a link to an article at FoxNews.com regarding 10 “oopses” that Al Gore and his fellow climate lunatics will doubtlessly dismiss or deny. 

Their predictable response should come as no great surprise, as good science has never gotten in their way.  They just keep preaching their gospel of evil capitalism and unfounded and unscientific climate research and collecting million dollar Nobel prizes and Academy Awards.

The world would really be better off if old Al would spend more time working on whatever it is that will succeed the Internet, (he claimed to have invented it, you know), rather than the climate, which he’s not going to affect, and which is apparently doing its own thing just fine, in spite of his “help.”


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