A peak under the hood

One of the things I have discovered is that we have very little control over the first  thoughts we have when we wake in the morning.  Sometimes, I come up with a really profound and helpful thought or idea.  At other times, I would classify those first thoughts as nothing more than random.  A day or so ago, I had one of those mornings, when my first thoughts were of that latter category.  Here is a peak under the hood of the random first thoughts of that morning. 

Virtually no one who reads this blog was born after the year 2000.  And when those readers say the year in which they were born, my guess would be that they say it like this:  nineteen fifty five, or nineteen eighty, or nineteen eighty three.  And they say it that way, as opposed to one thousand nine hundred fifty five.

With the occurrence of the year 2000, the way in which we say recent dates changed.  Now we say, two thousand………  For example, most everyone would say our current year is two thousand eight.  Am I wrong about that?  And why is that the case?

When the year changed from 1899 to 1900, do you suppose they said one thousand nine hundred, or nineteen hundred?  And in 1908, do you think people said one thousand nine hundred eight, or did they say nineteen ‘o eight?

How long do you suppose we will use our current approach before we revert to characterizing the first two digits in the year as twenty, instead of two thousand

My guess is that it will be in the year 2010.  QUICK, how did you say that number in your head when you read it?  Did you say two thousand ten, or twenty ten?  Leave a comment and tell me how you said it.  Also, if you think it will be a different year other than 2010 when we make this change, let me know that.

See, I told you it was random!


2 Responses to A peak under the hood

  1. Brandon says:

    Twenty-Ten. Of course. I totally agree with you. But I will say that two thousand nine sounds better than twenty oh nine.

    On a far more random note, when the year hits twenty-twenty, it would behoove us to declare it the year of Barbara Walters, or Hugh Downs…whichever you prefer.

  2. […] do you say…? Two years ago I speculated on this matter.   Now it’s REAL.  We face it, on every occasion we have to verbally express the current […]

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