Imagine what it would be like!

This morning it was 18 degrees F in our little town in the Texas Hill Country.  Not a record low, but the teens are not really a regular occurrence for us.  And unless you are from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where -18 degrees is not uncommon, +18 is COLD! 

The citrus farmers in Florida spent a sleepless night last night concerned for their crops with temperatures in the mid 20’s.  Tonight as I watch the Orange Bowl football game, I see people in the stands and on the sidelines wearing jackets and coats…in Miami

With the Iowa Caucuses being held today, the lead-in to many of the news reports dealt with how cold it was.  Concerns over a low turn-out were voiced, suspecting that even Iowans might be have difficulty with the low temperatures.  

All of this cold weather has caused me to wonder just how frigid it might be in Texas, Florida and even Iowa if not for the moderating effects of Global Warming.


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