Better late than never. Okay, I’m rationalizing.

A qualifying mea culpa:  This post is way overdue.  I had planned to do it at least three weeks ago and never got around to it.  And that, in spite of the fact that my dear wife reminded me to do it several times.  So, in a post-modern translation of “mea culpa”… My Bad!

Fall, or more specifically the “color of fall,” comes late to the Texas Hill Country.  And it probably lasts about three weeks.  The peak of our “color” is right around Thanksgiving give or take a week or two.  We are blessed where we live because we have a variety of oaks that really do a great job of providing the appearance of fall.  So, late or not, I wanted to post these pictures for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is that a certain friend of mine who attends seminary in Kentucky took some pictures of the fall colors in the area around Louisville.  He and his wife own a photography business, so they know what they are doing when it comes to taking pictures.  And it shows, the pictures are spectacular.  You can see their pictures by clicking here (read the blog post too, don’t just look at the picture), and here.  

So, I wanted to enlighten that certain friend that we DO have a colorful fall, at least in our part of Texas.  Here are my contribution to the scrapbook of fall scenery taken with a good, not great camera and by a hack photographer (yours truly).




The second reason that I wanted to post these pictures is that I know that certain friend has a heart for church planting.  And because he and his wife have an apparent appreciation for fall colors, I might suggest that they consider their church plant somewhere in the Texas Hill Country.  I know graduation is a few years away, but the oaks will still be here.   


One Response to Better late than never. Okay, I’m rationalizing.

  1. Brandon says:

    I stand corrected…yet still unconvinced that any part of Texas has four seasons. Fall colors may come, but they are impostors!!

    As for the hill country and church planting…I will answer your suggestion with another: Come to Louisville. I’m sure the alpacas will be fine. Haha.

    Talk to you soon, Chuck. Thanks for the post.

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