Why am I suprised? After all it is Time Magazine.

(Updated 12/20)
I don’t know why it always comes as something of a surprise when Time Magazine selects some outrageous character for its “Person of the Year.”  They have done so again for 2007.  The awards are as follows:

Vladimir Putin – Person of the Year for 2007
Al Gore – 1st Runner-up
J.K. Rowling – 2nd Runner-up
Hu Jintao – 3rd Runner-up
Gen. David Petraeus – 4th Runner-up

When I think of the winners I am reminded of the old Kevin Nealon “Subliminal Man” bits from Saturday Night Live and Miller Lite commercials.  I can imagine him (apart from the fact that he might be quite pleased with these results) making the announcement like this. 

Time Magazine’s persons of the year include the Russian president (hard line communist and former KGB officer), a Nobel Peace prize winner (creation- worshipping environmentalist and global warming hypocrite), a best selling novelist (pagan-glorifying author), and Chinese leader (another communist).  

I suppose given the left-leaning inclination of Time Magazine and its corporate partner CNN, it is perfectly reasonable that these would be their selections.  It is unfortunate that the winner would be the man who is doing his dead level best to kick the legs out from under the still relatively young democracy in Russia.  Many of his moves have a backward looking feel to them, and the chill in the news accounts of his manuvering could unfortunately signal the very beginning of another cold war with that country in the not too distant future.

That said, my hat is off to Time for recognizing Gen. Petraeus, albeit as 4th runner-up.  Too bad they couldn’t find the decency to write a supportive article.  At its end, Time suggests defeat in Iraq is the likely outcome and Petraeus will be regarded as the fall guy.

For those who are unfamiliar with Kevin Nealon, I was not able to find any of his SNL bits, but here is a piece from “The View” (a show I am proud to say I have NEVER watched) where he does a little of his Subliminal Man.


One Response to Why am I suprised? After all it is Time Magazine.

  1. John Fooshee says:

    What a great comparison! Subliminal Man… I forgot all about him… that is hysterical!

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