Better answers than the answers themselves

In spite of Mitt Romney’s efforts to try to deflect further discussion of his Mormonism with his “Faith in America” speech on December 6, curiosity about the tenets of his church continue, as I suspected they would in my post on December 8th.  Case in point, Fox News recently sent 21 questions to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for their response.  To their credit, the LDS leaders did send a reply.

Christian author and expert in apologetics, Robert Bowman, who works for the North American Mission Board, has taken the LDS answers to Fox News’ 21 questions, and has provided some VERY helpful commentary and elaboration.  For those who adhere to orthodox Christianity and who are left scratching their heads over the LDS answers, Bowman really has provided better answers than the answers themselves

For those who may have embraced Romney’s apparent confession of faith in Jesus Christ in his December 6th speech, you really owe it to yourself to read Bowman’s article.  Everyone who would like to be better informed about a few of the peculiarities of the Mormon church should read the article.  You may do so by clicking here


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