Listen with Caution!

On Monday, December 17, at 3 pm CST, Brian McLaren will be interviewed by author Sally Morgenthaler on the subject of McLaren’s new book Everything Must Change.  They will also be discussing the tour he will be starting in February, 2008, which will run through May and hit 11 U.S. cities. 

“The Everything Must Change Tour” is described as a green event (reducing travel footprint is encouraged through carpooling and if jet travel is required, the purchase of carbon offsets is suggested).  And the tour is not limited to just book signing.  It’s subtitled, A weekend with Brian McLaren and friends.  Each tour stop will be a two day conversation including:

“guided reflections lead by Linnea Nilsen Capshaw using the Nude Truths Art Exhibit in Digital form to experience the deep shifts needed individually and communally for “Everything to Change.” 

Two of the tour’s global sponsors are Emergent Village, and the Sierra Club.

For those interested in seeing first hand what I am talking about, you can visit the Deep Shift website.  Deep Shift is McLaren’s (new) organization.  In a message delivered at a pastor’s conference back in September, Mark Driscoll noted that someone inadvertently put an “f” in the name.  Mark may regret having made that offhanded comment.  But the joke he was making has an element of truth to it.

Tim Challies wrote a review of McLaren’s book Everything Must Change, which you can read it by clicking here.  Tim’s article is fairly long, but does a great job of describing the nature of McLaren’s straying from orthodox Christianity.

For those who are prayed-up against doctrinal confussion and interested in hearing what Brian McLaren has to say, you can listen live by clicking here at 3 pm CST on Monday, December 17th.  It appears that you need to be a member of “Shapevine,” (the presenter of the webcast) so you will need get a free membership in order to listen.  They say it is “fast and easy” to join, but you may need to allow a few minutes nonetheless.  I am not familiar with Shapevine, so I don’t know if they offer Podcasts of their interviews for those whose schedules do not permit listening live.

I suggest you pray for discernment and protection against the deception.  And then, listen with caution!


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